The Water Dragon Project

The Water Dragon sculpture will be installed and displayed on the outside of the Chinese Museum in Chinatown, Melbourne in October 2012.

As this is the year of the Water Dragon, I want to raise awareness for recycling and water issues; I’ll be constructing a fifteen meter long dragon made from recycled bottles.

The dragon will hang 9 meter above Cohen Lane, outside the Chinese Museum entrance. It will be illuminated at night with internal solar-powered lanterns. During the day, it’s semi-transparent form will interact with the lane-way, sky and surroundings.

Bottles After Collection

The raw materials: Recycled plastic drinking bottles.  The labels will be removed, then they will be cut up!

Section of Dragon Body

A large section of the body made from hundreds of bottle-ends, cut off and cable-tied together.

Constructing some of the other body sections.

As part of the project, several workshops were run for school groups at the Chinese Museum.  These resulted in 15, 5-metre long scrolls depicting dragons. These paintings were then used to inform the shape of the dragon sculpture.  The scrolls will also be on display inside the Chinese Museum.

Bottles Everywhere!

Our house has been somewhat transformed during this project.

Fleshing out the Skull

A skeleton of polycarbonate was used to provide a basic, lightweight structure to base the head upon.

The first version of the dragon eye, using an overhead projector lens. Later proven to be too fragile.

It will hang from 21 October, 2012 and be de-installed in May 2013

This project was Commissioned by the City of Melbourne.

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One thought on “The Water Dragon Project

  1. Hi Clare,
    I loved your water dragon sculpture.
    I was hoping it might still be outside the Chinese Museum now, as I am conducting a tour of Melbourne’s dragons for the Melbourne Writers Festival. Sadly, no.
    I just thought I’d check that it hasn’t been rehoused somewhere else where it can be viewed?

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