WATER DRAGON – Chinese Museum Workshops – 2012

These workshops were part of a dual project commissioned by the City of Melbourne in partnership with the Chinese Museum, Melbourne. These workshops included participants from 8 private & public schools from metropolitan & regional Victoria. The students (410) were from diverse multicultural & ethic backgrounds.

The workshops linked with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) across a range of subject areas including Humanities (history & geography), LOTE (Chinese), The Arts & English. These workshops provided a variety of learning activities for student groups from Grade 3 to VCE and assisted teaches to face the challenges of the Asia Literacy Priority of the proposed National Curriculum.

The outcome of these workshops was the making of 13 scrolls that were installed in the stairwell of the Chinese Museum. The images from these scrolls; dragons; inspired the partner project “Water Dragon” (sculpture) that was installed on the facade of the museum, located in Cohen’s Lane.  Urban Camp, Melbourne was involved in the workshops &  provided many of the plastic bottles for the sculpture.

Water Dragon Workshops 2010 (1) Water Dragon Workshops 2010Water Dragon Workshops 2010 72 dpi (4) Traveler Digital Camera

Water Dragon Workshops 2010 (1) Traveler Digital Camera

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