Sile Ripple Boat (1)Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTUREFor this project the artist worked with the local governments, Public Art Initiative, to regenerate a site within  the community, in Sile.

The artist chose to do a site specific work using an ordinary object that was familiar to the locals. A fishing boat that was traditionally used for income had been discarded and replaced by larger commercial boats. Their new source of income was tourism.

A Persian poet named Rumi, who lived in Turkey in the 13th Century, wrote a poem titled ” The Private Banquet” . In his poetry Rumi uses themes of water and the ocean as both a metaphor for the infinite and each beings journey towards the unknown.

This was the inspiration and basis for the work, where the artist set out to create a private space for people to contemplate and share.











Sile Ripple Boat (9)

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