Books is a site specific live action, that was installed in the RMIT University Library, Swanston Street. A collection of books was found at the library. These books had been de-listed and discarded and were used as the material and context for the work. I responded to the wasteful act of discarding knowledge and of knowledge being lost, in the process. One of the book topic’s was about the bookworm and it’s psychic terms. The tactile experience of holding a book and the relationship you have with it, when you hold it and read it, is not only being lost, but forgotten. The information in these books and the majority of the world’s information is now being found online and the experience you may have with it, is very different.

These waste books were carved and sculptured internally to represent the title or topic of each book. One of the Scientific books was burnt into like a black hole or cycle of worms. Another book, titled “The Handbook of University Administration” had a well at the base and symbolized a never ending black hole of confusion and systematic dysfunction; a reference to my own personal experience and despair; encountered while studying at the university. University administration staff didn’t always know how or why certain systems did or did not work, yet they adhered to the administration processes regardless, even if it didn’t make sense and it required the completion of additional forms. These books were cataloged and returned to the shelves for someone to find and rediscover.



Book (4) Book (3) Book (2) Book (1) Book

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