Nailed was created for the Stencil Festival, Melbourne. The festival was located in the decommissioned underground car park of the Collingwood council flats. The materials chosen for this work were reminiscent of the Le Cor-busier style architecture of the building and had some connection to the lives that passed through it. It was not a traditional stencil, even though chiaroscuro, shape, form and spray paint was used, the work instead had sculptural elements. A stencil based relief was created using carpet; found at the site;  steel nails, carpet, caution tape and cardboard. The image (a local resident) overtime would rust to portray a dilapidated object not dissimilar to its surroundings.

close up 72 dpi_resizedNailed Melbourne Stencil Festival 2009 (1) Nailed Melbourne Stencil Festival 2009

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